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Monday, April 15, 2013

Make Vintage New Again

There's something so classic about vintage pieces.  Vintage dresses really stand the test of time, they are a symbol of a time, a way of life.  One of my favorite hobbies is seeking really intricate vintage dresses and giving them a modern twist.
Perhaps the best vintage dresses to re-vamp are those from the 80's.  The dresses from the 80's were all about decadence and great, lavish design.  Every now and then I find incredible sequin dresses at vintage shops and I just have to get them, it's really a shame to let these works of art go to waste.  The easiest way to transform an outdated dress is to hem it above the knee.  Vintage dresses tend to be longer than what we're used to nowadays and cutting it and making it tight on your body gives it that "wow" factor.
Vintage dresses from two decades ago also had these annoying shoulder pads that I just can't stand.  Remove the shoulder pads, make the sleeves tight, hem the dress and voila, a cute dress no one will have, but everyone will rave about!
Designers are catching up to the idea and are putting out sequin dresses that evoke the glamorous, extravagant eras long gone.