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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Designer Jean Obsession..I'm addicted

It's easy to understand the spell some garments cast over people.  We become enchanted by shirts, jackets, shoes, but let's face it, we're all addicted to jeans, we always were, we always will be.

Labels come and go, but only the quality brands endure the test of time...Diesel anyone? Diesel is that strange brand that is globally famous, and so independent from whatever current fashion dictates. 
$50 Diesel Jeans And More Buzzworthy Deals!

Can't speak of jeans without giving credit where credit is due.  J Brand jeans are perfect. Period.  The fit, the wash; excellent.  Did I forget to mention, how incredibly skinny they are? 

Sad to say Rock and Republic has been sold to Khols so the quality of this brand witll undoubtedly plummet.  There is a difference between made in the USA and made in Malasya.  Just because it will have the same pocket stitches, doesn't mean next year Khols will produce jeans half of amazing as the ones in boutiques now.
 I love R&R, the denim is so fine, even the buttons show the level of craftsmanship involved.  These American beauties with perfect sewing, and perfect fit will forever be my favorites.  They are pretty long so hemming them is necessary, but so worth it.  Unfair, I suppose for future Khols customers who will be given the inferior version. 

Get 'em while you still can!!

Designer garments differ in where they are produced, by whom, for how much, with what type of quality control, the garments must have exclusive fabric, and they are cut by professionals that are not getting paid minimum wage.  The result: Designer jeans, fit, feel good, last, make your body look good, and get attention from people even if they don't know they're designer. 

True Religion Carrie Flare Jeans
<em>True Religion</em> Women's Becky Titan Bootcut <em>Jeans</em>, Vera Cruz

True Religion Brand Jeans, TRUE-5188 Men's Billy Super T Boot Cut Jean - Nashville,

True Religion Seems to have a stronger staying power.  The Pros to True Religion?  Instant name recognition for one, but also all the points above described.  The fabric is unbelieveably soft.  Even the zippers receive special attention.  As for the design, it's simple, yet timeless: instant chic.  TRs feel like you've had them forever, they almost beg you take an afternoon nap in them.  Find them at fine boutiques or department stores.

7 For All Mankind Skinny Crop & Roll Jeans in Pale Blue Whiskered Wash


7 for All Mankind Dojo Wide Leg Jeans Profile Photo
Seven for All Mankind jeans are the standard, the casual pair you can take from a doctor's visist to an afternoon party, and even the club.  I'm not a big fan of the fit, as most are a bit on the wide side.  Another observation I make these 7s is how easy it is for them to rip in the crotch area.  Oh, and they also tend to fade pretty quickly.  But I remain a fan, it's hard to turn away  from these cuties! 

My summary of gorgeous jeans would be nothing if I didn't include the masters behind Miss 60 and Killah jeans.  These jeans are fresh, unique, and fit so well it should be a sin!!

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