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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Handsome Man, Well Suited Man

Aahhh, I love a man in a suit.  A good, well-fitted suit, that is. An expensive suit will make a man look like a million bucks, no doubt.  However, any man can look amazing in any suit as long as three important points are addressed.
Dior Homme Fall 2010

Gucci Spring 2011
1.  Fit (weight, height, and shoulder structure must be perfectly fitted)
2.  Cut (based on the above, a certain cut of trousers will favor a particular body, as will the jacket style depending on weight and height)
3.  Fabric (there are fabrics for summer and winter, weather must be taken into consideration, as will the overall feel and texture quality of the fabric)

My grandfather and all my uncles are tailors, and while my mother especializes in women's wear, I find it irresistible dressing men.
Men look unbelieveably handsome once they wear clothes that fit right. 

I've recommended my male customers buy GQ magazine for inspiration and tips on how to properly dress for any occasion.

Real Madrid Player Kaka wears Armani Exchange exclusively

Clive Owen wears YSL, since he is tall they favor his frame

Dolce & Gabbana suits are very fitted, perfect for men who require shoulder emphasis.

Hugo Boss suits have character

Tom Ford on the other hand, makes impeccable, stylish suits that can't go unnoticed.

If you can't afford a designer suit, do not fret, get the one with the best fabric, and have it professionally altered, and you'll notice people's reactions immediately.